Recommended Fanfics: Zero x Yuuki from Vampire Knight

I’ve been fond of the Zero Kiryu x Yuuki Cross pairing ever since the Vampire Knight anime was watched. Not only is their their relationship touching and bittersweet, but also complex and complicated, which are the key factors to why they are a favorite. Also, thanks to them, my liking of the angst romance genre had bloomed. I truly believe relationships will grow stronger and will be treasured more if turbulence and obstacles were to be experienced. This will bring forth true happiness and fluff that we all love. Here is my list in no specific order:

  1. Hold me by YenGirl (Completed)
  2. Angel In Disguise by VampireWriter114 (One-shot, Completed)
  3. The Pureblood’s Secret< by SarahNataliaLee (Completed)
  4. Coming Home to You by BlackRoseOpal (Completed)
  5. Beauty in the Breakdown by Alaena Night (AU, Incomplete)
  6. Unforgivable by Tishannia (Incomplete)
  7. In The Summer’s Twilight by Pieces Of Hope (Incomplete)
  8. Curse of the Vampire Twins by Ekko Rayne (Oneshot, Completed)
  9. Longing by Cosmic Moon Baby (One-shot, Completed)
  10. Alive At Last by VampireWriter114 (One-shot, Completed)
  11. Vampire Knight: Bleeding Love by Michi4 (Incomplete)

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