Miki Shinichiro Challenge Month: Day 5

Day 5: Three things you love about Miki Shinichiro

  • Intelligence – His way of speech and writing is different compared to other seyiuus in the industry. The entries on his blog are always unique and touching. Also, his answers to questions for live events, magazines, interviews, etc. tend to be on the sophisticated and refined side.

    I recall from a Neoromance event where the seiyuus were asked on what their equation for love was. His answer was [Regret (後悔)+ Reflection (反省)]× ∞ = Love (恋愛). Complex response, ne?! His explanation was “恋愛するたんびに後悔して反省してそれの繰り返し.” Okay with my basic Japanese, I believe he said that love is to constantly reflect on your regrets. To look back to realize what you did wrong and to correct as you move forward in your relationship. XD Kakkoii ne?! I absolutely agree and so did the audience at the event. Hehe…you know what Seki Tomokazu said (he sat next to Miki-sama at the event, he was Chichiri in Fushigi Yuugi btw)…(Chest (胸)+ Behind (尻) = Love (恋愛). LOL I think he was trying to be funny, but still…. u.u

  • Dedication – As a voice actor for more than two decades, one can feel Miki-sama’s compassion and devotion through his works. I am certain that he had overcome many struggles and obstacles as he paved to where he is now — a highly respected and versatile seiyuu. His name is associated with numerous of productions, but no matter how small the role is, his commitment, patience, and endurance are illustrated. I am proud to be his fan, we are truly blessed to have such an amazing individual that had and still may portray unique characters.
  • Smile – Whenever he is amused, pleased or happy, his smile is such tender and gorgeous. His smirks are also adorable…awe, I could just stare it all day. XD

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