Hakuouki Yome Bento Cards

Just got these in the mail yesterday and aww…they are cho kawaii! I had to frame them so they could be stared at each day! XD

LOL…the message to Kazama from the wife was great and the only one without his favorite in the bento box! With my limited Japanese, it’s something along the lines of…if you like it so much (sake that is), you can now have as much as you want! LOL

If you’re wondering what each of their favorite foods are, here it is:

Toshi – Takuan (沢庵) ~ I like these too, had a couple a few days ago..hehe.
Saito – Tofu (豆腐)
Okita – Confetti candy (金平糖) ~ He’s such a kid at heart!
Kazama – Sake (酒)
Harada – Miso soup (味噌汁)
Heisuke – Sushi (お寿司)

If anyone can fully translate them, I would be truly grateful.

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