New Arashi fanfiction in works….

I decided to start writing fanfics again and this one includes my beloved Matsumoto Jun and Ninomiya Kazunari…and no it’s not yaoi. Though, I love reading M-rated stories, writing one is not a forte of mine. The idea has been brewing in my mind for sometime now so it wouldn’t be long until the first chapter will be posted. I’m probably going to dedicated another site for this and will let you know shortly.

So here’s a brief synopsis of it:

Two good friends, one serves sentence in prison for the other. After ten years, he is released; when he seeks for his fiancée and friend, his world has turned upside down. His friend has stole the company that both of them have worked so hard to build, he has become both success and wealth. Not only is he shocked by this, but his so-call “good” friend has also stolen his only love from him. He has no idea of what to do, will he seek revenge?

So why do you think? All comments are love!

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