New Zoro x Sanji doujinshi and fanfic fanlistings acquired

When I found that the doujinshi and fanfiction categories were available at TAFL for my favorite One Piece pairing, Roronoa Zoro and Sanji, I was truly ecstatic. XD You know me and fanlistings LOL …so off I went to send my applications. After a good few hours during last weekend, the website was finally completed. Woot!

I was quite pleased with the process since no obstacles were encountered, had experienced numerous of these for my previous fanlistings and boy was I pulling my hair out. However, this one went by like a breeze, I had loads of fun deciding on which images to use and hand-coding the site. I wanted to keep things as simple and clean as possible since my time was limited…RL has been extremely busy so this had to be completed ASAP. The layout is nothing fancy, just a two lovely images drawn by the talented Saruya Hachi. I might go back when time permits and change a few things, but all is sufficient for the time being.

Hehe…creativity do not striking me at the time so the title is just Kore wa koi? It translates to This is love? Sanji and Zoro’s relationship is ambivalent with many kinks that needs to work. However, their level of respect and trust for one another is tremendous. They are nakama, rivals and best of friends. I added the question since love can be transpired into many forms – family, friendship and soul mates. So no matter how they are paired, the specific sentimental feeling is evident. Quite fitting for our Kenshi-san and Cook-san, ne?

Now, don’t be shy…if you are a ZoSan or SanZo doujinshi and/or fanfic fan, please join by clicking on the buttons below:

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