Arashi Challenge Month: Day 29

Day Twenty-Nine – Favorite senpai-kouhai collaboration

I really enjoy when Arashi guest on their sempai’s variety shows or vis versa. It’s pure entertainment when they try to tease one another, you can also see their admiration and respect between the generations. Of all, Utaban has been the one which have I re-watch over and over again. Although, the pranks are scripted, the boys tease Oh-chan along SMAP’s leader, Nakai Masahiro to no end and beyond the norm. On occasions the roles are verse with the help of Ishibashi Takaaki, who is the co-host of Utaban, tagging Oh-chan along since we all know that he will not vocalize his opinions unless spoken to. Their collaborations are always priceless, humorous and pure fun. The program has since retired and such interactions have been few and far between. They have been missed dearly, I truly hope that Arashi will be able to appear on Nakai’s new The Music Hour.

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