Picspam – Sakai Masato

I finished watching Legal High and Ooku ~Tanjou and absolutely been head over heels for Sakai Masato. He is truly skilled and can really act with his eyes. He could be smiling happily, but his eyes are displaying a different emotion. How cool is that?!! XD I had checked his profile and looks like he has been around for some time now, I’m extremely excited that his talents are finally being recognized. That means more dramas for us to watch, yatta!!

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Credit for gifs: Tumblr

5 thoughts on “Picspam – Sakai Masato

    1. Isn’t he amazing? XD If you haven’t seen Hanzawa Naoki, I urge you too! He is even more brilliant and powerful in this series.

    2. He certainly has this charisma that mesmerizes you from the beginning. I cannot wait to see his new NHK taiga drama – Sanada Maru.

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