My very first subscription box – Graze!

Well, its the beginning of summer and I wanted to try something new. I’ve got a few friends that jumped on the subscription box bandwagon a while back and I was quite skeptical. You pay a specific amount for a certain period like a week or month and you receive a box of mysterious goodies. I was thinking so you pay to get junk in the mail, nice little marketing strategy which I wanted to steer away. Well, I somehow joined a little snack company called Graze and have became hooks to their natural snacks.

For only $6 per box and you get four delicious little treats that will have you wanting for more. Although you would not be able to select which snack gets shipped to your door, but there is a rating system on their website which comes in handy. So for ones that you would like more to be delivered, be sure to select the “love” option. I’m always excited when I see my little Graze box since I don’t know what scrumptious and mouthwatering treat awaits me.

Here’s what I got this month:

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