Kim Nam-Gil Challenge Month – Day 14

Day 14: Post a link to or embed your favorite interview

I adored his recent KBS Entertainment Weekly interview, which you can find the full subbed episode on Viki. He is always so frank and humble about everything. His friendship with his co-stars are amazing, especially the bromance between him and Koo Dae-Young. He even sang on spot, a few versus from Can’t I Love You (QSD OST). Embarrassed him was afterwards, Nam-Gil oppa always so nice when it comes to requests and fan service.

I was also overjoyed to learn of oppa’s admiration for Stephen Chow (周星馳), and understood why his comedy portrayals were so top-notched. He observed and learned from Asian’s best! Chow is a truly gem when it comes to comedy who dominated the box office in the 1990s and still does whenever he has a new film. Hopefully, he hears about Nam-Gil oppa and work with him one day. Wouldn’t that be amazing?! Chow was my first obsession too, I find it fascinating that Nam-Gil and I have something in common.

I laughed and grinned like crazy throughout the interview, entertaining and charming it was. Oppa’s cheerful chatterbox-self is a delight to watch. He seems a bit more relaxed after his vacation, hopefully he gets additional rest before his work picks up again.

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