Kim Nam-Gil Challenge Month – Day 15

Day 15: Another actor you would like Kim Nam-Gil reunited with

Hmm, my choice will be Yoo Seung-Ho, who played Kim Chun-Chu in The Great Queen Seondeok. Bidam (Nam-Gil oppa) was always whipping his little royal bottom when they first met. lol Chun-Chu was such a scarry cat in front of him then. lol I really wished that their unofficial master-disciple relationship blossomed into friendship. Just maybe if he understood Bidam a little more, probably things would have turned different. A true friend was what Bidam needed, someone other than Deokman and Yushin, who he could have a heart-to-heart with.

Oops, not gonna turn this into a rant. lol

Anywho, the Kim-Yoo pair had amazing chemistry and was a delight to watch, my second best couple from the series. lol I am sure they had a blast behind the scenes, having similar jolly personalities. I would love to see them as co-stars again on any type of project. Seung-Ho can be Nam-Gil younger brother (related or not) or subordinate in the series. It would be nice if they were equals, not sure about being love rivals though. hehe

Aww, Nam-Gil oppa is taking care of his little brother, making sure he’s in the photo shot (2009 MBC Drama Awards):

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