Signs of an Incurable Arashi Obsession


You can probably tell from my posts that I am one HUGE Arashi fan. Okay, okay…I am a bit obsessed now-in-days, but who wouldn’t be with the fabulous five. I had located something quite interesting at; it has a nice compilation of Arashic symptoms ^^. Quite enjoyable and humorous to read, and yet so accurate :P. Hehe…I’m going to list the ones that pertain to me below:

  1. You were baited by Jun-kun.
  2. The best dancer in Johnny’s is Ohno, period.
  3. You’re forever daydreaming and imagining…about Arashi and you.
  4. Only true idols get extremely popular after putting stockings over their head, wearing nipples shirts and daisy dukes.
  5. You’re envious of the Arashi Fan Club members.
  6. You’re envious of anyone that lives in Japan.
  7. Every time a new single comes out, you bounce around the room in joy and watch the PV (promotional video) 19074546 times.
  8. Despite how poor you are, somehow you manage to buy all albums/singles.
  9. The first kanji you memorized is 嵐 .
  10. …and then the kanji of all the members’ names.
  11. When speaking Japanese you only know “male” dominates words such as “omae” “umai” “kuse”.
  12. Eating expired food is not crazy at all, but funny.
  13. When someone mentions ‘Bambi’, it’s Sho or Jun that you think of, not the Disney movie.
  14. No matter how many times, you always cry when watching Aiba read his letter on 24hrTV.
  15. You want a pet and name him, Momo.
  16. You wish to name things after Arashi such as pets, computers, your external HD, etc.
  17. Sho is unreachable.
  18. Before Arashi, S&M was disturbing. Now it’s just an everyday part of life.
  19. One of the main reasons your computer lives is to download Arashi stuff.
  20. You’ve cried after your hard drive crashed.
  21. No matter how many times you burn things off, your hard drive is always full.
  22. You’ve sat your friends down and began the history on Arashi.
  23. Your family and friends can put the names of the Arashi members to faces.
  24. When asked if you have a boyfriend, you have casually said “yes” and pictured one of the members.
  25. You’ve come to like Japanese artists that the members like.
  26. You wish that Johnny’s wouldn’t be so expensive.
  27. You vowed not to spend money on Arashi.
  28. Almost every 5 minutes after you vowed, a new photo album or single is released.
  29. There is an Arashi photo that you see everyday – on a car, pencil case, wallet, planner…
  30. Your cell phone wallpaper is Arashi.
  31. Your cell phone ring tone is Arashi.
  32. December 24th is not Christmas Eve, it is “Aiba’s Birthday”.
  33. When going to karaoke you sing at least 1 Arashi song. AT LEAST.
  34. When singing in the car or anywhere, you MUST follow the hand motions during the chorus.
  35. You’ve been jealous of animals.
  36. You read “asahi” as “Arashi”. (haha… many times)
  37. Short guys is DEFINITELY okay.
  38. Guys skinnier than me, that’s okay too.
  39. Arashi is the best group, ever.
  40. When someone says “captain” or “leader” ,the first person you think of is Ohno.
  41. Ohno should be a world-renowned artist.
  42. You’ve come to tolerate/love other Johnny’s artists because of Arashi.
  43. You’ve pulled all-nighters to wait for videos, scans, reports.Sometimes you wonder if Arashi are idols or comedians or cute little kids.
  44. You start off with a favorite Arashi song, but soon after you can’t decide.You study Japanese because of Arashi.
  45. You plan on going to Japan because of Arashi. (and that is my lifelong dream)
  46. You start giggling to yourself after finding something “Japanese”.
  47. When you meet someone Japanese the first thing you want to do is ask is whether they know Arashi.
  48. Aiba is a prodigy.
  49. Nino should be a professional song writer.
  50. Neon-colored suits are completely acceptable for any occasion. (and glow in the dark pink suits too!)
  51. When someone says “tension” you think “Aiba”.
  52. When people pronounces Nino’s name wrong, it annoys you.
  53. You like to yell out “YEAH!” at the end of things. (and also “Yossha!” from Oretachi no song)
  54. You like to yell out “DO IT!” as your motivation.
  55. You buys CDs but listen to downloaded versions, because you don’t want to open your album copy.
  56. You wish you could befriend Ohno’s mom.
  57. Many times you have looked down at their pants and have been pleasantly surprised.
  58. Now you can’t stop looking there. (mwahahaha!)
  59. You are envious of people like Inoue Mao, Suzuki Ann and Ayoi Yu.
  60. Don’t mind the fact that the guy owns 100000X more clothes than you.
  61. Watching several Japanese variety shows a week without understanding any Japanese, just to watch their faces is absolutely normal.
  62. You don’t listen to English and Chinese songs anymore because you listen to Arashi all the time.
  63. You get to have a new set of friends (online) because of Arashi.
  64. The songs you play over and over again in your mp3 is Arashi’s.
  65. Guys who can cross their legs are totally acceptable.
  66. You watched Gokusen / Kimi Wa Petto / Bambino / Hana Yori Dango 1 & 2 / etc. just for MatsuJun.
  67. Rabu Rabu rocks!
  68. Guys kissing / hugging each other / holding hands is no problem now.
  69. Life is THE END when you don’t see ARASHI for every 1-5 minutes…
  70. Immediately after you wake up it’s either you shout I LOVE ARASHI or you get your MP3 PLAYER and you play ARASHI SONGS.
  71. You never even bothered to notice your mom was calling you for breakfast….because you’re listening to ARASHI songs.
  72. You call Arashi songs “THE” songs.

Poll: So how incurable are you…of the above, how may pertain to you?

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20 thoughts on “Signs of an Incurable Arashi Obsession

  1. hey luv ur layout soo much…
    i’ve been arashic ever since!
    thnxx for making me remember about arashi….

    1. Thanks! I’ve been an Arashi fan for a little over a year now, they have never fail to brighten my day a bit more. Always brings laughter and smiles!

    1. You’re welcome! Me too, I always get a kick out of it, no matter how many times it is read. LOL There’s no doubt that Arashi = Happiness + Laughter! XD

  2. you know what i did exactly the same thing!! hahaha before i thought of myself as abnormal until i read your blog.i never imagine there’s a lot of people experiencing this kind of obsession as i do..IM DYING TO SEE ARASHI!~! hehe

    i wanna be your friend, (so that i can share my obesession with you XD)

    1. Hiya, Yurie-chan! Nice to meet a fellow Arashi fan, I would love to be your friend! Same here, I’m the one among my family and friends who truly adore the sparkling five. I’ve tried to share our boys with them, but they don’t understand why Arashi is loved so much. That’s why I started this blog, to flair and to spread Arashi rabu rabu! Being able to attend an Arashi concert is one of my dream too!! It is always a delight to find someone who I can share this obsession with.

      Hope to see you around, would love to chat more!

    2. yo!its me again
      i just want to share this: as now now here in the philippines everyone is crazy on their facebook account, i also do have a facebook but im more interested on crunchyroll..why?coz i found people like us who are crazy on arashi and somehow i feel connected with them..cheezy(hope i can see you there) and by the way i do SIGN NO. 3 A LOT!! XD

    3. Hey Yurie-chan, it’s awesome to hear from you again! I currently do not have a Facebook account, but will note to join the Arashi community when I open one. I do occasionally go to Crunchroll, I will definitely look for you there. XD

  3. hye there,
    most of what you say is true.most of them.i admit now. thank you so much cz sharing this article.have a nice day =)
    > did you watch my girl? aiba kawaii =)

    1. Hiya, nice to meet you and hope we can be friends!

      I’m happy that there’s another fellow Arashian to share my obsession with. There are still a few more that I would like to add to the list, just need to find some time to do it.

      I haven’t gotten a chance to watch My Girl yet, but it is on my ones-to-see list. However, I have seen the preview, it’s going to be a sweet and heartwarming drama. Aiba looks kakkoii and the little girl is so kawaii! XD

    1. Same here, I love Arashi as a whole, but Jun-kun still holds special place in my heart (was baited into fandom by him)! XD I’ve learn to respect him on some many different levels. I admire his caring, hardworking and ever-learning attitude.

  4. hhahah
    oh no i just started 2 months and i have half of the symptoms…
    mainly i am starting japanese classes just to try to understand the CXDXG DVD i bought from HMV japan online!! First and last thing i hear and watch is their DVD concerts which i bought online as well.. i am constantly hunting all sites for anything relating to Arashi!! I starting with Jun but i am now crazy over Ohno.. Arashi is extrememly addicting… when ppl ask about my love life i tell them i have 5 to love ! hehehe

    1. Hey there Jolene! Haha…trust me, Arashi is more infectious than you think, there is no way of turning back now!

      Five to love…I bet you’re envy by all. I was the same way when my journey first started, it was Arashi 24/7 hehe. Those adorable dorks are truly amazing ne, the love for them continues to grow as times passes by.

      Riida is certainly one astonishing individual, quite talented in art, dance and acting. What is there not to love about him?! Though, I admire Oh-chan to bits, Jun-kun still remains to be my ichiban. Somehow, I find his charisma is a tad more attractive, not that Ohno’s isn’t, I’m just being super MatsuJun bias here.

      Thank you for stopping by and hope to see ya around!

  5. hi,, fiona..
    well, i’m also become a fan of ARASHI not for so long maybe about 3 months ago..hhe!!
    to be honest it’s matsujun that attract me at first time and got me into ARASHI so deeply…
    when i read this,, i can’t keep my mouth from smilling and sometimes laugh since those are quite true and happened to me as well..hhaa:D
    Arashi did make me fall in love with this fabolus five boys..
    plus most of theirs song are easy listening..
    sympthom no 66 really hit me at the most..hhaha^^

    1. Heya Clara and welcome to the Arashi fandom! You too, I guess most of us were Jun-baited! LOL I am the same on symptom #66!! Though, his performance in Gokusen was wonderful, it wasn’t until Bambino and We can make it! that he had lurked me into his and Arashi’s world. I absolutely love those dorky five, they can brighten anyone on the most gloomiest day! They are a godsend ne.

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